Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

Witness Tech Inc. offers a wide variety of cell phone prepaid plans. The plans we offer needs no contract, no credit check and no down payment. We have the plan that will save you money and run your smartphone features the way you desire.

Act fast and save big!

Prepaid Plans

Cell Phone Prepaid Plans

Why Choosing a Prepaid Cell Phone Plans?

The answer for this question can be explained as follow:

Most of the popular companies in USA prefers to have their customer on a contract plan. the idea of this strategy is to hold the customer for longer period as a customer which will increase the profit. the minimum period usually one year and early termination will cost an expensive fees. Having a prepaid plan, give the advantage of changing your phone service anytime you wish without facing early termination fee or even loosing your existing number. Using a prepaid plan grant you the benefit of paying your phone bill month by month; you are not forced to stay for a one or two year contract.

Also, using a prepaid plan give the advantage of port-out your number to any company you desire at anytime you want. In other words, as long as your number is active and you decided to switch your service, you can do that easily and within couple of hours.

What is the reasons behind our customers decision to switch their cell phone service?

The answer is involving our customers’ needs. Some of our customers they want to talk internationally without getting charged extra; we offer prepaid cell phone plans that is excellent for talking internationally such as LycaMobile, UltraMobile and H2O Wireless.  Another reason for changing cell phone companies is network issues; customers may face an issue with the network “Network Signal”. The Service for phone companies can be bad in some areas, that is why some of our customers decide to change their service. Other reason such as the need for more Gigabytes of Data, international texting, 3 ways calling, and the need of 411 and 311 Directory.


Our Prepaid Cell Phone Plans: