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Network Devices, NAS – Network Attached Storage & Printer

Network Printer and Storage Setup:

Wondering what is nas? Nas is also known as network attached storage. We know what our customers want in network attached storage solutions. Our network printer works for wireless as well as wired, so there is no need replace all your current equipment.

If your business wants to try shared printer options, we can do that too. Let every computer in your company space use one printer whenever they need to.

Our network attached storage gives extra room for important archives or large games and software programs. When your colleagues want to know what is nas, tell them to come to us, and we will show them!


Outlook mail Configuration

Outlook mail Configuration:

Witness Tech Inc. is proud to announce that we will keep you connected. We have experts in outlook email configuration to help you get your message across, whether for business or personal outlook mail use. We offer professional, understanding staff that is experienced in email setup and configuration. For a low fee, our company will gladly help you with outlook mail or other email setup on your smart phone, computer, tablet, and more.

Email should be set up the way that is most useful to you. There are lots of ways to optimize your email delivery so that each message is received just as you intend.