Home Surveillance Installation

Home Surveillance Installation

Our company also provides surveillance installation services for all of our clients. We can provide advisory support to help you choose the best surveillance system and devices for your home. These are some of the tips on what kind of surveillance systems required for different types of homes. These tips are based on the size and area of the house that needs to be secured.

Large compounds

Large compounds will tend to use more CCTV cameras fit for outdoors. This is to provide adequate coverage of the perimeter. Wireless cameras are not advised to be used as long distant feeds can be easily disrupted by obstacles, weather conditions and such. For large compounds, cameras with infrared capabilities are extremely important as large compounds tend to have many poorly lit locations in the area. Weatherproof and Vandal proof cameras should be used, especially when installed at perimeter fences or walls.

Cameras with high resolutions are preferred to provide detailed monitoring capabilities. Automatic zoom capabilities are also used to provide added security. It can easily pinpoint suspicious elements and can zoom in to provide detailed photos or videos which can be used in various facial recognition systems.

Small to moderate house sizes

For homeowners with small to moderately sized houses, wireless CCTV cameras can be an option; however wired installation is much preferred. One can select critical areas on one’s house where a camera should be installed. Mostly homeowners will place front and backdoor surveillance cameras equipped with infrared. It can also incorporate systems which allow spotlights to automatically flare up in case of intruders. Indoor cameras can also be used as a back-up system in case outdoor cameras become disabled or ineffective.

Apartments and Condominiums

If only renting an apartment and such, wireless CCTV systems can be more cost effective and practical. Installing wired cameras can be a hassle, especially in one move often. Wireless cameras can be easily installed and be placed anywhere inside the apartment. Interference is minimized as the distance from each camera is short.  Infrared cameras may not be necessary as most apartments and condominiums are well lit, however one can still use it for added security.

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