Computer Services – Computer Repair Services

Computer Services (Computer Repair Services)

Your data, be it personal or professional, is precious. Witness Tech Inc. is highly versatile when it comes to computer repair services. Our computer hardware and software repair covers both PC and MAC machines, which can require extremely different treatment. If the motherboard of your PC fails or you need Apple computer repair, Witness Tech Inc. is here for you. Using a highly skilled computer technician, you no longer need to worry.

Customers may also request special recovery images in the event of a computer crash. What is an image recovery, you ask? It is a complete system backup containing copies of your programs, system settings, and files that you can use to restore the entire contents of your computer. This image is offered in two forms: on the hard drive or on a portable storage device.

However, Witness Tech. Inc. doesn’t simply diagnose and repair computer problems. Want to avoid having to call someone every time you get a new computer or need to install a new operating system? We will install Windows 7 on your computer, or help you learn how to install Windows for yourself. Witness Tech Inc. provides the computer repair services you need.




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