CCTV systems (Stand Alone CCTV and PC-Based CCTV)

Types of CCTV systems

Our company provides the two main types of CCTV systems widely used today, Stand-alone and PC based CCTV systems. These are a brief description of these two main CCTV system types

Stand Alone CCTV

The Stand Alone CCTV is uses systems and devices solely made for CCTV purposes. It is operated by software programs designed specifically for surveillance. It is highly effective in preventing hacks from outside elements, however it is not that easily upgradable. People who would prefer iron-clad security systems, stand-alone CCTV can be the answer they need.


Computer or PC based CCTV is generally a host of CCTV cameras connected to a PC and used CCTV software programs. Though it is not as secure as stand-alone systems, it is easily upgradable and more flexible and easy to use. PC based CCTV can be also linked to smartphones and tablets through specialized applications. One can easily use their tablets to monitor surveillance feeds from cameras installed. For people that only need basic surveillance security systems, PC based is the solution they need.

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