GoSmart Prepaid Plans and Phones

GoSmart Prepaid Plans

GoSmart Prepaid Plans

Witness Tech Inc offers GoSmart Phones and plans, we can help customer to port in “Transfer” their existing numbers or activate new number on GoSmart network. At our store SIM, Activation and Refill available. We are to make your mobile service smart, get everything you want for less prepaid plans.

No contract, no annual fee and credit check.

Our customer’s service trained to help you to solve your device, plan, and internet and MMS problems on GoSmart network. Bay-ridge, Brooklyn needs the right store to help customers in most of their technology problems, especially cellular service and phones problems.

GoSmart Cellular is a partner with T-Mobile Network which is an excellent choice for most of our customers. T-Mobile equipped with strong network signal, unlimited plans with a very competitive prices.

Using GoSmart for less monthly fees is the right choice to save money and run your phone calls, texting and web on a stable cellular connection.

GoSmart prepaid plans:

  • $25 unlimited talk and text
  • $30 unlimited talk and text data (1.0GB at 3G Speed)
  • $35 unlimited talk and text data (2.5GB at 3G Speed)
  • $40 unlimited talk, text and Data (5GB at 3G speed)
  • $45 unlimited talk, text and Data (10GB at 3G Speed)

Included Free Services with GoSmart Plans:

  • Voice mail
  • Call waiting
  • Caller ID
  • 3 Way Calling
  • Free 411
  • Mobile Hotspot / Tethering

Optional Service with GoSmart Mobile Plans:

  • Unlimited international text to 220+ countries for $5/month only
  • Unlimited international text to 220+ countries and landline calling to70+ countries

About GoSmart Company:

We believe having no annual contract wireless. Shouldn’t mean getting less than other people. In fact, we think it’s time you got more. For less. We believe in giving you unlimited talk, text and web for only $35 a month. With no payment fees. No roaming charges. No stupid surprises. And no annual contract.

On a real nationwide network. That’s it. Hands down, one of the best values in no annual contract wireless. And zero DUM.