Cell Phone

Prepaid Plans

Unlimited Phone Plans, unlimited TALK, TEXT & DATA

We offer Cell Phone Prepaid Plans which are very affordable. Best of all, you can choose the best plan that suits your needs and lifestyle. You can have a variety of options from our Unlimited Prepaid Plans. Our cell phones have different features. We can also provide you with reliable customer service.

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Cell Phone Accessories

Wholesale and Consignment

We offer wholesale and consignment for businesses

Witness Tech Inc. offers cell phones, chargers, cables, power banks, and ear plugs that are top of the line. Several models are available, and all are competitively priced. We also sell a range of interchangeable parts and accessories to fit your needs as well as comforts. Please contact US for phone accessories consignment and wholesale

CCTV Services

For Home & Business Owners

Install and Configure Local & Online Settings Security Cameras

Witness Tech Inc. Offers CCTV services that will increase security to your home or business environment. Our technology and bold look will ward off would be intruders, vandals, thieves, and other criminals who would damage or otherwise harm your property and belongings. Our cameras are a sound investment for home and business environments!

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Cell Phone Repair

Services, Professional and Affordable

Phone screen replacement, Charging port, battery and more

Witness Tech Cell phone services offers the best reliable service for your cell phone. Our technicians offer cell phone repair services on a wide range of models and brands. Let us take care of your cell phone, and we will return it to you in good condition.

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Computer repair

and support anytime, anywhere!

Computer repairs that includes hardware and software

Witness Tech Inc. knows how to repair your computer. The computer technician from our company is an expert on a wide range of computer repairs. We offer reliable computer repair services. Let us take care of your computer and we will return it to you in a perfect working condition.

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Onsite & Offsite

Monitor and Repair Services

Let Professionals Monitor and Support your Computer System. Get Live Reports about you IT Infrastructure

By having remote IT services and support, you will have less worries. At the same time you can also save some money because you will not be paying those costly labors and maintenance anymore. Remote computer support can improve the overall performance of your whole system, making it more effective and productive as well.

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solution for any Computer Networks is guaranteed

Computer Networking: Design, install and Configure

Managing your company's computer networks can take up valuable time and resources that might be better spent elsewhere. If your managers are stretched thin already, you can save time and keep your employees focused on tasks that matter by outsourcing your wired and wireless network management needs to a skilled online service.

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Witness Tech Inc. is highly versatile when it comes to computer repair services.


We offer offsite and onsite services for business and home owners.


Setting up a computer network right is very important - our network services:

Cell Phone

Our experienced Technicians provide quality services at great prices.

IT Services

Witness Tech Inc. – Provider of Top-Notch Computer, Network, Cell Phone, and CCTV Services

In this day and age, we rely heavily upon computers, cell phones, and other types of technology to keep our lives organized. As technology becomes more advanced, individuals may struggle to keep their products both secure and functioning properly.

Here at Witness Tech Inc., we provide high-quality computer and cell phone repair services. In addition, we offer information recovery and surveillance system installation and configuration.

From spyware removal to cell phone unlock services to recover deleted files, you will find here exactly the services you need to keep your information safe. At Witness Tech Inc., we take pride in our swift service, quality work, competitive prices, and beneficial warranties. For more information on what we have to offer, contact us today.

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